Harbin Xieli Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. is located at No. 71 Xianfeng Road, Daowai District, Harbin. which is professional engineering machinery company, combining production-manufacturing, technology trade and maintenance service.We manufacture hydraulic breaker, excavator buckets, excavator parts, motor grader parts and other products.The excavator buckets which the company manufactures can be designed according to user requirements and meet needs of the users to the maximum extent.
    Our company is famous for manufacturing hydraulic breaker, due to its powerful hittingpower and the product features of applying to hostile environment.The company distributes kamatsu, caterpillar and all models of excavator parts. The company distributes motor grader part, provides XCMG motor grader parts, DSTG motor grader parts, Dresser motor grader parts and Komatsu motor grader parts. Our company provides the maintenance service of FUNK transmission and Hangzhou transmission.
     We adhere to " , the supremacy of credibility" purposes over a long period. "Offering quality products with a thoughtful and satisfactory service for our customers" is just our untiring pursuit.
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